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Congrats to the following companies for being selected first in their category by the NFC Innovation Award judges

Most Innovative NFC Product, Service, or Implementation

Speech Code GmbH

Best Mobile App using NFC

Khushi Baby Inc. 

Best NFC Startup

Dimple Inc.


Read the press release here



Most Innovative NFC Product, Service, or Implementation:

Best Mobile App Using NFC:

Best NFC Startup:

Thanks to all companies who participated and to our panel of judges! The winners will be announced at the NFC Innovation Award Ceremony and Reception on March 14, in Las Vegas. 

Many thanks to NXP Semiconductors for their sponsorship of this award program. 


The NFC Forum is pleased to introduce the NFC Innovation Awards. These awards were created by the NFC Forum to recognize breakthrough products and start-ups and to raise awareness and exposure of the outstanding implementations of NFC in a wide range of industries.

The award program is open to member and non-member companies, or systems integrators, agencies and media companies submitting on behalf of their clients may enter the awards.

Winners will be chosen based on innovation, benefits, user experience and NFC Impact, results, plus for those entering in the start-up category: startup potential. The deadline for submissions is Wednesday, January 11, 2017.

Winners will be announced at an awards reception to be held in Las Vegas at the Green Valley Ranch Resort on Tuesday, March 14 (co-located with the  NFC Forum Member Meeting).


There are NO FEES to submit your entry to the NFC Innovation Awards.


  • Enter because you think your product, app or service is the BEST and you want the world to know about it! This is your chance in the global spotlight.
  • Finalists receive two nights paid hotel room in at the Green Valley Ranch in Las Vegas, so they can attend the NFC Innovation Awards Reception.
  • Gain exposure to members of NFC Forum, which includes the world's leading mobile device, semiconductor, payment, consumer electronics manufacturers, and solution providers including  Apple, DNP, Google, MasterCard, NXP Semiconductors, Samsung, Sony, STMicroelectronics, Qualcomm, and VISA.Google, Apple, Sony, Samsung, MasterCard, VISA and others.
  • Put your product app, or service in front of a stellar group of judges
  • Gain recognition for innovative product or app and be featured on NFC Forum website in permanent gallery of award recipients.
  • Semi-finalists have the opportunity to showcase their product to NFC Forum members on the day of the NFC Innovation Award event. Each semi-finalist will get an exhibit table. 
  • Three (category) winners receive an award trophy and an 'NFC Innovation Award Winner' digital badge for their site (read: bragging rights).
  • Extend your social footprint and exposure -- Finalists are featured in social media postings and winners are featured in a blog post.
  • Get global visibility in public relation campaigns: press release announcing winners + press will be invited to NFC Innovation Award party.
  • Take advantage of visibility opportunity: have a short video clip of your product featured on a Youtube video with other winners.


Smart homes, connected healthcare, customer-focused marketing and branding, connected hospitality, smart retail, connected car, Internet of Things, etc. … NFC technology is transforming customer experiences everywhere. We want to recognize the best of the best examples of NFC products, apps, and services that feature NFC modes including host card emulation and peer-to-peer use cases as well as read/write use cases based on NFC Forum tags. 



The 2017 NFC Innovation Award Program will give out three (3) awards, one for each of the following categories:

Do you have a creative, user-friendly app that includes NFC technology? Enter in this category.
Have you developed an NFC product, service or implementation that has revolutionized a shopping, smart home, healthcare, event, automotive, etc. experience? Submit an entry for this category. Must be available in the market.
We’re looking for game-changing startups that have introduced* an NFC-enabled product, app, or service in the last 5 years and have revenues under $5million (USD). *Must be commercially available.


The submissions will be scored on the following criterion:

Innovation - How is this entry unique or innovative compared to other designs in this category? Does it have the potential to positively impact the customer experience and the future of the industry?

Benefits – What kind of benefits does this product, app or service deliver to the end user? How does it to compare to competitors if competition exists?

User experience and NFC Impact - How does this product deliver a simple, intuitive or transformative user experience? Does it make excellent use of NFC technology to deliver a transformative user experience? How central is NFC to the user experience and solution?

Results – Do the metrics shared by the entrant demonstrate positive results and a progressive trajectory for this product, app or service?

For the Start-up Category:

Potential – Is this startup is disruptive in nature? Does it solve a significant problem, provide an exceptional user experience, and have tremendous potential-- not only impact the market, but also the NFC industry?

For all submissions, judges are looking for NFC products, apps, and services that feature NFC modes including host card emulation and peer-to-peer use cases as well as read/write use cases based on NFC Forum tags. 


Your submissions will be judged by a distinguished panel of judges. Click here to learn more about our expert judges.


Please complete the following steps:

1. Review the call for entries.

2. Choose one (1) category that you'd like to submit your entry to. 

3. Complete the online entry form (https://nfcforum.secure-platform.com/a)

4. Submit your form, including all files uploads.

5. You will receive a confirmation email with your completed entry information and upload instructions. Save this email as a text file.


The submission deadline is January 18, 2017, at 11:59 PM EST. [Note extension]


NOTE: For each of the three (3) categories there will be three (3) semi-finalists (based on numeric scores by judging panel). All 9 semi-finalists are invited to the award ceremony on March 14 in Las Vegas.  At the award ceremony event, one winner from each category will be announced. Winners do not need to be present in order to win. 


Japanese Chinese

Please note that all applications must be completed in English.



Questions about the NFC Innovation Award program? Contact admin@nfc-forum.org

Sponsorships are available. Learn more here.